Dual Walker Dog Leash - 2 Hooks for No-Pull Training for 1 dog

$ 26.50

The Dual Walker™ Leash is designed to work in a number of ways and should be your next "Go-to" leash! Designed to help with super heavy pullers to distribute their weight more evenly. It works with your No-Pull Dual Walker™ harness, with a regular harness and collar, with a backpack and collar, and with many more options you might have while walking your pup.

*This is designed to be a "1-dog" leash. If you want a coupler leash to walk 2 dogs, we do have those, as well.*

Each piece of the leash is adjustable, from a minimum length of 3.5 feet for the full leash length up to a max of 4.5 feet. A loop handle on the end ensures a sure grip. 

  • Sizing

Our sizing is by dog's actual neck sizes. This size can be obtained by taking a comfortable measurement of your dog's neck with a measuring tape. Do not add 2 inches, as some sites suggest. If your dog's neck is 16 inches and they are full-grown, a Medium (13-20 inches) would be the best fit, not a Large (16-25 inches). 

You can also measure your dog's current collar, lying flat from buckle to buckle. Please note this is a different measurement than the neck size. If your dog's collar length is 18 inches buckle to buckle (actual neck size 16" or so), they would also need a Medium (13-20 inches), not a Large (16-25 inches).

Custom size ranges are available, if your dog is on the beginning or end of one of our standard ranges. For example, if your dog has a 14 inch neck, we can do 11-16 inches or 12-18 inches. Please note we cannot add any more inches to our standard sizes (for example, 10-19 inches).  

If you have any questions on sizing, we are here to help! Just contact us here

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