Classic Solid Personalized Step in Harness

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Personalized Step in Harness eliminates the need for ID info when walking your pup! Name and Phone Information is embroidered directly onto the design on the back (or front) girth strap for prime visibility. Information can also be split onto each strap (name on front, phone number on back). The addition of an address is an additional charge and is only available on Medium sizes and up - please contact us for a custom quote. For personalization options (font, color choices, etc), please click here.

HOW TO MEASURE: For a proper girth size, measure around the widest part of your dog's chest, a couple of inches behind the front legs.

  • Sizing

Our sizing is by dog's actual neck sizes. This size can be obtained by taking a comfortable measurement of your dog's neck with a measuring tape. Do not add 2 inches, as some sites suggest. If your dog's neck is 16 inches and they are full-grown, a Medium (13-20 inches) would be the best fit, not a Large (16-25 inches). 

You can also measure your dog's current collar, lying flat from buckle to buckle. Please note this is a different measurement than the neck size. If your dog's collar length is 18 inches buckle to buckle (actual neck size 16" or so), they would also need a Medium (13-20 inches), not a Large (16-25 inches).

Custom size ranges are available, if your dog is on the beginning or end of one of our standard ranges. For example, if your dog has a 14 inch neck, we can do 11-16 inches or 12-18 inches. Please note we cannot add any more inches to our standard sizes (for example, 10-19 inches).  

If you have any questions on sizing, we are here to help! Just contact us here

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CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN - Step in Harness
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